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UVICUniversity of Victoria
UVICUniversitat de Vic (Catalonia, Spain)
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At the graduate level, Indigenous Education in partnership with the Department of Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities at UVic offers a graduate certificate and master's degree program in Indigenous language revitalization.
Despite this variance, the UVic sample had 29 different faiths or religious communities listed.
El objetivo de estas entrevistas semiestructuradas era conseguir una valoracion critica del metodo AICLE por parte de los docentes, tanto en relacion con la docencia dentro del grupo clase como en relacion a la formacion recibida por parte de la UVic antes de impartir este tipo de asignaturas (2).
El entusiasmo generado desemboco en la propuesta de realizar una exposicion de este talento que fue, ademas, la primera piedra de un fondo artistico, cultural, publicitario y virtual para la UVic, basado en anuncios con estetica retro.
Until someone comes up with a way to make the hare line recede, UVic students and administrators will just have to hope for a hoppy ending.
Unpublished, 1989] The committee's focus was determining the assets of the College and the transfer of those assets to UVic at the time of affiliation.
Rather than having UVic compete with large institutions that can mount full-scale operas, Butterfield envisions a one-on-one voice atelier, with the art song as the primary teaching tool.
March 15: Andrew Weaver, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria, "The Uvic Earth System Climate Model: Model Description, Climatology and Applications to Past, Present and Future Climates.
Across the country, starting in the west, TAs are organized at UVic (CUPE) and Regina (CUPE).
Brent Mainprize, professor at the University of Victoria, and Miles Richardson, interim director for the National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development at UVIC.
Prizes were awarded to students Michael Jones and Ryan Roberts, both of SFU and Emma Nicholls-Allison and Jessamyn Logan, both of UVic.