V-CVertex-Contralateral Derivations (communication disorders)
V-CVisual Consensus Method (quantitation of spinal fractures)
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The words which passed the V-C pattern test only pass the second test if they are numerical palindromes, numerical tautonyms, both numerical palindromes and tautonyms, or balanced words (word total divided by number of letters = 13.
CvCC), a V-C tautonym, is both a numerical palindrome and a numerical tautonym (55.
For each V-C pattern, a single example is provided for each of the four numerical orders, wherever possible.
The V-C has appointed a committee of principals to monitor admission-related issues so the process is completed in shortest possible time.
Although all of these officials came out and said that the V-C has not resigned, interestingly the V-C himself has not tried to clear the air.