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V-MAILVoice Mail
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Some v-mails, such as Talkway's, are embedded in the body of the e-mail and can get past corporate firewall filters.
Results aside, what's the most impressive aspect of a V-Mail campaign?
In September 1943, Yank, a servicemen's magazine, carried as an illustration a V-Mail to Corporal Samuel Kramer.
VG Connect V-Mail is a video email service that has reinvented e-mails and voicemails, making them visual and more personal.
Reuter's mother saved his anguished V-mail acknowledging their mutual loss:
BlackBook2 is one of the fastest-growing internet social networking websites on the web today, delivering its content to Members with its totally free services platform which includes its proprietary Video, E-mail, and V-Mail delivery services.
As you can see on our V-Mail page, in the letter "Judging by the Cover," Alex Cwiekalo (retired chief master sergeant of the US Air Force) was reading our February 2015 edition in public places and got dirty looks when passersby noticed an infamously mustachioed face.
Priced at $1,999, the machine also delivers a built-in Webcam for videoconferencing and v-mail, as well as a biometric fingerprint reader to keep data secure.
Adding a personal touch are V-Mail from loved ones, pinups, a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes, a K-Ration breakfast box, snapshots, and playing cards.
Other revenue opportunities include: recruitable athlete profiles, college information services, direct marketing of Nike merchandise by V-Mail, advertising and sponsorships and books and tapes.
That V-Mail letter you write to the boy in service helps keep a smile on his face for the job ahead.