V-RGVaccinia-Rabies Glycoprotein
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1 reports per 100,000 V-RG baits distributed (Table 2).
The other two incidents occurred with V-RG in women who had autoimmune conditions and were on immunosuppressive medications.
Two other adverse events were reported for V-RG baits in which the dogs regurgitated the baits.
Multistate surveillance of contacts with V-RG baits during 2001--2009 revealed 6.
On day 1 after her exposure to the V-RG vaccine, her physician obtained a baseline serum specimen for analysis of rabies virus neutralizing antibody (by direct virus neutralization) and orthopoxirus (vaccinia) immunoglobulin IgG and immunoglobulin IgM antibodies (by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay).
Second, she had fresh abrasions and prolonged contact with V-RG vaccine (approximately 30 minutes) before washing her hands.
Since 1990, approximately 100 million doses of Raboral V-RG animal vaccine have been distributed in the United States by depositing baits by airplane or by hand in areas with dense populations of target wildlife species (e.
The ORV packets containing the V-RG vaccine are durable and typically do not leak unless punctured.