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V-MAILVoice Mail
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Some v-mails, such as Talkway's, are embedded in the body of the e-mail and can get past corporate firewall filters.
Click here for 15-second V-mail demonstration from Video Guidance's Mike Werch http://proclaim.
For unknown reasons, some of his letters home were delivered on V-mail stationery rather than as photo prints.
a leading application service provider offering proprietary streaming media applications, today announced the launch of On2's V-Mail application for broadband users.
Emerging voice input applications such as v-mail clips and telephony services will require a home remote control capable of audio capture and transmission.
No one wants to wait for v-mail downloads; they just want to view the video.
V-Bytes -- video and audio highlights from games Vitale is covering, and from his SportsCenter appearances; - Columns -- weekly columns on topical subjects; - V-Mail -- a forum in which Vitale answers selected fan e-mail; - Chatter Box -- weekly chats throughout the college basketball season; - The List -- posting of Vitale's creative lists, i.
Xethos intends to leverage the special effects software in conjunction with the V-Mail products developed by its subsidiary company, Snowstorm Development Limited, specialists in advanced email, voicemail and video conferencing software.
NETXUSA will bundle Callware's award-winning Callegra and Solo V-Mail software into NETXUSA's trademarked MAX and Prestige series of custom telephony servers.