V13Vault 13 (game)
V13Venice 13
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Tokyo, Apr 17, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced the immediate global availability of the latest version of its market-leading XBRL software, Interstage XWand V13.
VR2 receivers were estimated to have a detection range of approximately 800 m, based on range tests performed with V13 transmitters before any fish was tagged and released.
V13 Exchange of infornation Hypotheses H1 H1 V4; V7 H2 H2 V13; V4 H3 H3 V4; V8 H4 H4 V4; V3 H5 H5 V4; V10 H6 H6 V4; V9 H7 H7 V8; V4 H8 H8 V6; V4 H9 H9 V4; V12 H10 H10 V5; V4 H11 H11 V2; V4 H12 H12 V4; V1 Source: Own Elaboration Table 2--Mean ranking for the hypothesis Hypothesis Mean Confiden Validation Ranking ce Int.
Functions as an interface between the Customer Application and the Oracle RIB V13 behaving exactly the same way as any other Oracle base RIB application.
However, analyzing the measured equivalent noise levels at points V13, V14, V20, V21, V27 and V28, which are closest to wind power plants, it can be seen that noise level opposite wind power plants, when the microphone of the noise analyzer was turned downwind, was bigger than the noise level measured behind wind power plants when the noise analyzer was turned windward.
It was composed of items V13 and V14, intrinsically related to how the company, with its identity made apparent through its products and services, helps individuals build their selfconcepts.
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On the second factor, the largest loadings are for V13 - Branch Locations (Convenience) and V14 - Hours of Operation (Convenience).
International Polymer Science and Technology, V13, #11, 1986, p.
the global capital markets platform provider, today announced the release of Calypso V13.
Tenders are invited for Amirix Systems Inc (vemco) Vr2w Acoustic Receivers and V13 or V16 Transmitters (with and Without the Option of PVC Cases).
NET V13 features a number of essential new additions to its comprehensive UI suite including a Microsoft Office-style Ribbon control for Silverlight, a Window Docking library for WPF, a Grid control Microsoft ASP.