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V2IVehicle to Infrastructure
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V2I connects the Cadillac development vehicles to its surrounding infrastructure, allowing the vehicle to alert the driver of safety, mobility or environment-related conditions ahead.
One of the most important questions that need to be answered is how to ensure the creation of a resilient information infrastructure so that V2V and V2I do not collapse.
The company is working with municipalities to prepare their infrastructure for V2I connectivity and bring the service to other cities in the US.
53) There is only baseline documentation for the Core System, which is designed to enable all types of connected vehicle communications: V2V, V2I, and V2X communications.
Once again V2I communication comes into its own: an app is used to activate the trailer's refrigeration unit directly from the tablet, and it is pre-cooled at exactly the right time.
Vehiculo a Infraestructura (V2I: Vehicle to Infrastructure): el escenario de comunicacion V2I hace referencia a la conexion existente entre los vehiculos y la infraestructura a lo largo de la carretera.
V2I, I2V/V2I, and I2I communication enhances the network performance by preventing the network from network gap problem.
Participants: It basically specifies if it is a V2Vor a V2I application.
Then in Section IV provides V2I small scale scenario trial test description and results.
Hence ES is in charge of playing a forwarding role between vehicles and the infrastructure in a V2I communication scheme.
Hybrid communication:uses both V2V and V2I architecture
In Section 5 we describe a queuing model of V2I communication with one wireless access point and variable amount of active mobile clients (vehicles).