VAACVolcanic Ash Advisory Center
VAACValle Arriba Athletic Club (Venezuela)
VAACVolvo Ambient Air Cleaner (Volvo vehicles)
VAACVeterans Affairs Advisory Committee (Washington)
VAACVectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Flight Control (active control technology research)
VAACViral Antigen-Antibody Complex
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Bonnardot, 2007: Comparison of VAAC atmospheric dispersion models using the 1 November 2004 Grimsvotn eruption.
Over 200,000 flights have operated in European airspace identified by the VAAC as having the potential presence of ash.
VAAC personnel get their information from multiple sources: satellite imagery, volcano observatories, sightings by pilots, and even media reports.
There is some remaining activity as ash clouds are still blown in the atmosphere until an altitude of 20,000 feet (6,096 m)" an earth quake report said sourcing the data from VAAC.
The volcano started to erupt around midnight on Sunday, charts on the website of France-based VAAC indicated.
No restrictions are in place in any other part of Europe and according to the VAAC forecasts the ash cloud coverage is expected to dissipate during the day.
Accordingly a limited 'no-fly zone' will be established by the states concerned, based on forecasts from the VAAC [Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre]," Eurocontrol, the continent's aviation control body, said in a statement on Monday.
Red/Orange Zones depict the extent of the volcanic ash plume as forecast by the latest volcanic ash advisory (1900 UTC) prepared by the Icelandic Met Office and issued by the VAAC, London.
In addition to their work with the MOH VAAC researching and defining a mobile healthcare clinic concept, the mobile healthcare unit designed to provide a simple, low-cost method to access at-risk individuals in their communities, MOTIVATE has also worked with the AIDS Committee Ho Chi Minh City to address HIV/AIDS issues in Ho Chi Minh City.
MOTIVATE and the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam Administration of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC) sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) setting up the fundamental principles for the collaboration between VAAC and MOTIVATE in their effort to implement integrated HIV/AIDS program/projects focused on prevention, treatment and care.