VAATEVersatile, Affordable, Advanced Turbine Engine Program (US Air Force)
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The technologies being developed in ADVENT and other parts of the VAATE program will begin appearing in improvements to fielded engines and new engines in about 10 years or so," he said.
Johnson, said he hopes to apply VAATE technology to other industries where temperature, corrosion, and wear are critical.
For the future, VAATE technologies will assure further dramatic improvements in turbine-engine affordability, not only for military applications such as aircraft, rotorcraft, missiles, and unmanned air vehicles (UAV), but also for America's domestic applications.
The VAATE program is now an approved DOD technology objective and recently awarded its first major procurement activity to multiple defense contractors for approximately $350 million.
In the supersonic realm of weaponry, the VAATE program discussed earlier will enable a supersonic, long-range, modular cruise missile with a Mach 3.