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VABVehicle Assembly Building (NASA)
VABVirginia Beach (Virginia, USA)
VABValue Adjustment Board (Florida)
VABVertical Assembly Building (NASA, now Vehicle Assembly Building)
VABVirginia Association of Broadcasters
VABVéhicule de l'Avant Blindé (French: armored front line vehicle)
VABVlaamse Automobilistenbond (Flemish Driver’s Association)
VABVigilanza Antincendi Boschivi (Italian: Forest Fire Watch)
VABValue Adjustment Boards
VABVehicle Acceptance Body (UK Railway)
VABValue Added Business
VABVoice Answer Back
VABVolunteers Association for Bangladesh (Irvington, NY)
VABVeterans' Advisory Board (various locations)
VABValue Added Bank
VABVariable Action Button
VABVillamor Air Base (Pasay City, Philippines)
VABValue Aging Buffer
VABVehicle Arresting Barrier
VABValue Added Benefit
VABValue Added Base
VABVirtual Address Buffer
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The name, resume, Florida Bar number, and a description of the relevant experience and expertise, in the VAB process, of the person to be designated as the "lead attorney" and associate if any, for both the Proposal and any work to be performed by the Contractor, if retained.
Caption: The VAB, which has been in service for four decades, will be replaced by the Griffon from 2018 hence.
Bullying is not acceptable and my team mates and I will be tackling bullies in schools with the VAB Team.
On appeal the property appraiser contends that the VAB misinterpreted the applicable homestead exemption statutes.
I always knew we were going to anger some people in the government when we fought for that gym, but I never thought we would grow to become a successful movement,'' said Darion Dubois, who is co-chairman of the VAB with Robb.
The results from the VAB Manual Dexterity Test were used to measure the quantitative work productivity level of each group.
Special magistrates conduct hearings and prepare written recommended decisions for VAB approval, among other duties.
On ZZ175, just feet from us were three 12-ton French VAB Armoured Personnel Carriers - chained to the aircraft and urgently needed to take soldiers into combat against al-Qaeda.
Global Banking News-13 January 2010-Kardan to raise stake in Ukraine VAB Bank(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
The court concluded that the appraiser was in a defensive posture because he was reacting to a decision of the VAB, and that in any event the appraiser was entitled to pursue his claim because he was involved in collection of public funds, which could be equated to disbursement of public funds, for which there exists an exception to the general rule which denies public officials standing to challenge state laws.