VABBVacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy
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Finally, MRI compatible 10 G vacuum needle (Encor, Bard Biopsy Systems) was inserted instead of the obturator and VABB was performed.
Underestimation rate of MRI-guided VABB for high-risk patients was 21.
Including this case, the total number of false-negative cases were 5 and false-negative rate of 10 G VABB was 11%.
Mass lesions have the highest cancer detection rates with MRI-guided VABB in the literature.
Surgical excision is mandatory for high-risk lesions found at MRI-guided VABB, similar to other imaging-guided biopsy procedures.
Complications from MRI-guided VABB may include bleeding or pain during the procedure, postbiopsy pain, bleeding, and hematomas (4, 5).
MRI-guided VABB is a reliable diagnostic tool with a 11% false-negative rate.