VABFVirginia Association for Biological Farming
VABFvascular access blood flow
VABFVirginia Beach Federal Financial Corp. (now First Coastal Bank)
VABFVariational Analysis Blacklist Flag
VABFVirginia Beach Flames
VABFVertikalt Aerobt Biofilter
VABFVertical Auger Bottom Fill
VABFVariety Artistes Benevolent Fund
VABFVostro Affezionato Blog Fosforescente
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The selection of VABF amongst regional and international contenders was based on the belief that with Vahid's professional service, the company would be able to transform itself into a distinguished and formidable corporate brand, Al Majdouie corporate communication manager Khalid Salahi said.
This tool will be operational in September 2017 to the beginning of the sorting VABF TDS3 luggage.
Signature without reservation the VABF and VSR Bank allows the consolidation of the following conditional tranches.