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VacAHelicobacter Pylori Vacuolating Toxin
VACAVietnamese American Civic Association (Massachusetts)
VACAVirginia Contracting Activity
VACAVisual and Creative Arts
VACAVirginia Animal Control Association
VACAVoices Against Cruelty to Animals
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7) Shortly after its publication, Italian, English, and later French and German translations or paraphrases became available of one or both of Cabeza de Vacas writings (Cutter vi; Hodge 10-11; Ferrando, Naufragios 38).
For a detailed study on Cabeza de Vacas "Negotiation of Fear," see Rolena Adorno.
41) Again, some critics might interpret these words as a way of manipulating the Indians to lead them to the Spaniards, questioning Cabeza de Vacas true motivation at this point.