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VACCAVictorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (Australia)
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The figure is more perfect; as the bos, meaning the ox, is unable to perpetuate his kind; and the bos, in its most extended meaning, or vacca, is altogether the nobler animal of the two.
I dare say you are quite right; and that vacca would have been the better word.
Pardon me, sir; you are giving a very wrong construction to my language, if you suppose I include, without many and particular qualifications, the bibulus Americanus, in the family of the vacca.
In addition to the two interviews, we are offered a foreword by Peggy Seeger, a personal introduction setting the scene by Vacca, and essays by Dave Laing on 'MacColl and the English Folk Song Revival', Vacca on MacColl's song-writing, Allan Moore on his singing, and Franco Fabbri on 'MacColl in Italy'.
It's crazy that kids can shoot machine guns at amusement parks and gun ranges," says Christopher Vacca.
Vacca has leased the full building from Assa Properties to create an 8,000 s/f store as well as a private cafe, barber shop, beauty salon, members-only club, and luxury long-term stay apartments.
There are rules for safe gun handling, and Vacca should have known the recoil from the girl firing the submachine gun on full automatic would raise the barrel of the gun.
com/news/family-of-instructor-killed-by-9-year-old-with-uzi-speaks/) report , Charles Vacca was teaching the girl how to use the automatic weapon when she lost control of the Uzi gun and shot the shooting range instructor in the head with one bullet.
Mr O'Toole, from Trim, Co Meath, said he could not believe what had happened as Mr Vacca took a number of precautions at the range.
Vacca is heard encouraging the girl and asking her to squeeze off one shot.
Trade books, rich in narrative and informational content, can provide a valuable complement to most textbooks" (Vacca & Vacca, 2005, p.