VACDVisual Arts Coalition of Dallas (Dallas, TX)
VACDVermont Association of Conservation Districts (Craftsbury, VT)
VACDVirtual Automatic Call Distribution (software for switching data and messages between network components)
VACDValue-Added Chain Diagram (business process modeling)
VACDVirtual Appliances CD
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Prosodie Interactive offers a Virtual Automated Call Distributor called Pro VACD 3.
West has extensive VACD hubs with 135,000+ port capacity--agent-to-port relationship--in addition to full IVR/ASR integration, to handle large programs.
And because of the taut, intimate relationship between the technology and the solution, VACD simply cannot be discussed without mentioning West at Home, as the former enables the latter.
The company's fully redundant VACD is directly critical to West at Home, the aforementioned solution that combines traditional call center agents, offshore and nearshore agents, and home agents--in essence, a virtual call center--as each variable agent in this agent program is linked through the central VACD technology.
There are inherent advantages to using home agents in general, and we think there are additional benefits to using the West at Home platform, as it's a comprehensive "multi-shore" solution combining traditional call centers agents, offshore and nearshore agents, and home agents all linked through central VACD (virtual ACD) technology only available through West.