VACTVancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (Canada)
VACTVerona Area Community Theater (Verona, WI)
VACTVictorian Arts Centre Trust (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
VACTVioxx Acetaminophen Celecoxib Trial (drug trial)
VACTVentriculoatrial Conduction Time
VACTVeterans and Citizens for Truth (Missouri)
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Figure 1 presents the percentages of individuals meeting MACT and VACT CDC/ACSM guidelines.
Males (40%) were more likely to meet the VACT guideline recommendation than females (27.
There were significant differences in social support (peer and family) and perceived severity of inactivity as a function of gender and meeting CDC/ ACSM guidelines for both MACT and VACT (See Table 1).
Being male (113%), perceiving the consequences of inactivity as severe (19%), and re porting greater social support for physical activity from peers (6%) and family (4%) improved the odds ratio significantly of meeting either the MACT or VACT CDC/ACSM guideline.
6%) of our sample meeting MACT recommendation raises a concern about maintenance of an active lifestyle since lower intensity exercise has better adherence rates than VACT (Dishman & Buckworth, 1996).
In our sample, participants with greater family and peer social support were more likely to meet VACT recommendations.