VADCValsts Asins Donoru Centrs (Latvian: National Blood Donor Center; Riga, Latvia)
VADCVeteran Agility Dog of Canada (Agility Association of Canada)
VADCVenice Area Democratic Club (Venice, FL)
VADCVisual Arts and Design Center (various locations)
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Only after packets enter the VADC are they decrypted and inspected.
Since the VADC is composed solely of virtual components, if an abnormality is detected, the application can be dynamically reloaded from a previously known good image, or snapshot, to continue processing.
The VADC established in 2008 as a small section before it is turned to be a department in 2010.
However, how can it be possible to consider the fight against doping in the framework of "domestic" sports law without analysis of the VADC and the Olympic Charter?
VADC operates one of the largest international educational platforms on the World Wide Web.
VADC will sell and license the software to schools, corporations and other institutions.
VADC and Global signed additional contracts whereby VADC will perform Website translations into Chinese and Global will host VADC's websites on Global's ISP.
Under the terms of the agreement, VADC will be the exclusive provider of Distance Education for the Hubei Labor Union Universities.
Radware's ADC-VX also delivers fully isolated ADC services to support the cloud provider's customer or their applications, in solutions containing the industry's highest density of vADCs to support a wide range of cloud service cost models.
Enhanced tiered services model -Radware's vADCs are available in a variety of form factors and deployment models to fit any VMware vCloud Director organization SLA.
It provides all of the building blocks and management interfaces required for the VMware Orchestration System to provision, decommission, configure and monitor Radware's VADI vADCs and computing resources (ADC-VX, Alteon VA and dedicated ADC) within a virtual data center.
Radware's ADC-VX(TM): an industry-first ADC hypervisor that enables the use of multiple vADCs on top of a dedicated specialized platform, Radware's OnDemand Switch;