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VADSVisual Arts Data Service
VADSVulcan Air Defense System
VADSVerdix Ada Development System
VADSVocabulary Access and Distribution System (CDC)
VADSVisual Aural Digit Span test
VADSVehicle Automated Diagnostic System
VADSValue Added and Data Services
VADSVariational Analysis Datum Status
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VADS Berhad added value to their customer contact operations with Ameyo as the technology base.
VADS Berhad (VADS) is one of Malaysia's leading Managed ICT Service providers and an award-winning BPO.
A two-way repeated measures Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) (2x10) was used to analyze differences in dyspnea scores between times and items on the VADS at [T.
2] were used to assess the test-retest reliability of the VADS for the study.
A two-way repeated measures ANOVA (2X10) conducted to evaluate the effect of time and items on dyspnea scores on the VADS showed a main effect for time.
The data demonstrate excellent test-retest and internal consistency reliabilities of the newly developed VADS.
The mean score on the VADS significantly decreased from [T.
Conversely, the 6-minute walk is the longest in duration of the functional activities described in the VADS.
The goal of this study was to present a new measurement tool (VADS) to assess dyspnea during selected functional activities and then apply the VADS to a clinical population of people with emphysema before and after LVRS and pulmonary rehabilitation.
He continued, "Out of the 4 participants in the challengers' quadrant, Strateq and AIMS have been working very hard to improve their market share, while working on future growth strategies to give players like VADS a run for their money.
We chose Visual Network Systems due to the superior technology and experience in providing world class solutions to other carriers for managed services," said Ghazali Omar, CEO, VADS.
Poised as Malaysia's leading Managed ICT and Business Process Outsourcing Services provider VADS help bring together people, processes and technology for our customers to enable more effective, efficient and dynamic use of resources.