VAFAVictorian Amateur Football Association (Australia)
VAFAVibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
VAFAValue Added Flow Analysis
VAFAVictorian Amateur Fencing Association (Australia)
VAFAValue Added Finance Authority (South Dakota Department of Agriculture)
VAFAVermont Agricultural Fairs Association
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438) Notwithstanding the extensive list of activities for which bonds may be issued by the VAFA, the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 "Code") limit the list of projects that can be financed with tax-exempt bonds.
To apply for agribusiness bond financing, the company must submit a completed application along with a required application fee to the VAFA.
The VAFA may not issue a bond unless it has conducted a public hearing conforming to the applicable requirements of the Code and "the Governor or another elected official of the state who is designated by the Governor approves the issuance of the bond.