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VAGUEVermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts
VAGUEVermont Area Geocachers United Everywhere
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BoC also linked the loan agreement with an insurance agreement, making the loan dependent on the payment of an insurance premium using vague terms, the service said.
A vague set is defined by a truth-membership function tv and a false-membership function [f.
Revilla's lawyer Joel Bodegon added that the division's finding probable cause against the senator was based on information that the prosecution deemed vague.
He however did not seem to think the wording of the section was vague, stating that is the way laws are written, and it is up to courts to interpret.
Cette vague de chaleur va augmenter progressivement vendredi, pour atteindre le Saiss, le plateau d'Oulmes, l'interieur du Gharb et le Loukkos avec des temperatures allant de 36 a 40 degres.
Being vague does not help in giving users effective control about how their information is shared.
and his firm, Harrell & Harrell, sued the Bar in January 2008, charging several advertising rules were unconstitutionally vague, that the Bar had wrongly rejected a slogan he wanted to use in a television ad, and that the Bar's requirement of reviewing electronic ads before they were broadcast was unconstitutional.
The meeting discussed reservations over the vague policy of the government regarding their job structures, and allowances like practicing allowances, risk allowances and others.
Many of our local citizens have been inquiring about somewhat vague references appearing within the local comprehensive plan.
Over the past few decades there has been growing interest in the epistemology, logic, and semantics of vague expressions.
Surely if Parliamentary privilege was such a vague notion, they should have done something sooner?