VAKTVisual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile
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This shows that VAKT technique is significantly effective in improving the reading level among the children with dyslexia.
Hence, the importance of special instructional programs such as VAKT technique must be reinforced in the management techniques as remedial measures for child psychiatric problems.
The study findings would help the psychiatric nurse to develop an insight into the magnitude of learning disability and effectiveness of VAKT technique as the instructional program in improving the reading level among the children with specific learning disability.
When the special instructional program advances, the administrator has the responsibility of providing nurses with substantive certification program regarding the VAKT technique as a part of the continuing nursing education session or the in-service education program.
The study has tested the effectiveness of VAKT technique on reading level among children with dyslexia.
A comparative study can be conducted on reading level with two instructional programs such as VAKT and graphic organizers.
A training program for VAKT technique can be conducted for the teachers in the primary school.