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VALAVictorian Association for Library Automation (Australia)
VALAVirtual Adaptive Learning Architecture (University of Arizona)
VALAVictorian Applied Learning Association (Australia)
VALAVisual Arts Language Arts (California)
VALAVancouver Association of Legal Administrators
VALAVentura Association of Legal Assistants (California)
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Focus areas for Operation Vala include tightening security measures at correctional centres, increased supervision of officials as well as decreasing idleness amongst inmates.
Brian (Behrouz) Nahed is son of two Iranians; Nooshin and Reza Vala Nahid, who have been residing in Los Angeles.
Off-spinner Nasir Aziz removed Vala for 38 and Ura for 73, but Vani Morea swelled PNG's total with a knock of 61.
This scenario is similar to the "wasteful feeding" reported in many circumstances for the larvae of some sciomyzids reared in the presence of a surfeit of molluscs (Eckblad 1976; Valley & Berg 1977; Vala 1989).
Hoe verdeeld, geatomiseer, geindividualiseer die "private" liggame van die Renaissance-realisme ook al was, het dit nie die naelstring afgesny met die vrugbare baarmoeder vala die aarde nie.
I Dare to Stop the Wind: Challenging Children in the Public Schools Through the Arts & Poetry" is a fascinating summary of a creative arts teaching approach pioneered at the VALA Project by Bettina Rotenberg in the Bay area inner city elementary schools, including West Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.
The epic quest begins when Carter, Jackson and Mitchell realise fellow team members Teal'c and Vala have vanished.
is Vala Palsdottir, Head of IR, Glitnir Phone: +354 440 4989, Mobile: +354 844 4489, E-mail: vala.
licences (not capitalised in the balance sheet) acquired with Plava Vala d.
The festival will be opened with the world premiere of a new English translation of the award-winning play Kitchen by Measure by Vala Thorsdottir.
Petrea Vala, New Zealand Bloodstock marketing manager, was equally delighted, saying: "It's sad to say farewell to Bloomsbury Stud but we're thrilled to have been able to help conduct such a successful final sale for Henrietta and her team.
Albion's division is what stimulates Los's sublime reaction and labors, and it is crucial that Albion's fall stems itself from incorrect aesthetic perception: he is seduced by the beautiful, which is represented primarily by Vala (also called Rahab).