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VALISVast Active Living Intelligence System (Philip K. Dick)
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A trilogy, VALIS blends Dick's views of religion, the Bible, and Kabbalah into a story about Horselover Fat who believes that his hallucinations hold the ultimate truths and are being transmitted to him via an alien space probe that is orbiting the Earth.
Sayyid Mubarak was thus forced formally to submit to Safavid authority by acquiring the title of vali, which means that he recognized the overlordship of the Safavids, paid tribute, and was held to supply troops on command.
To achieve this purpose and determine the mineralization ability of the granitoid bodies around Valis, petrography, petrology, and geochemical ratios and the distribution of major and rare elements have been studied; in addition, this granitoid body was compared with the world's most well-known fertile and barren granitoid bodies.
Detection of Porphyromonas gingi- valis in the amniotic fluid in pregnant women with a diagnosis of threatened premature labor.
In front of 10,136 fans at Windsor Park on March 1, 1967, the Blues drew the first leg 2-2, Brian Hamilton and Thomas Shields scoring first half goals after CSKA had taken a second minute lead through Valis Romanov.
The pink informational light pulses of 1981's VALIS, the Vast Active Living Intelligence System, are not a god but the sum information of humanity.
17) Here the Holy Spirit is reconceived as the experience of a technological system: of Dick's VALIS (vast, active, living, intelligence (information) system.
valis nos ofrece una capa mas de significado para contemplar las cualidades fisicas ambiguas, atractivas y repugnantes, del confesor de Ana Ozores.
It is a dipeptide-class fungicide effective against various types of mildew and is currently marketed mainly under the brand name Valis.
Por su parte, Noel Valis ilumina la dificil lectura de Canovas--'ultimo de la quinta serie de los Episodios nacionales de Galdos (1908-12)--cuando explica: "The Restoration period described in Canovas is, above all, a world of political, social, and moral cursileria, of significant issues made trivial, of good taste made questionable and feeling turned hollow" (252).