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VAMVictoria and Albert Museum (UK)
VAMVisual Arts Museum (various locations)
VAMVulnerability Assessment and Monitoring (World Food Program; UN)
VAMVendor Account Manager
VAMVpn Acceleration Module
VAMVirtual Appliance Marketplace
VAMVinyl Acetate Monomer
VAMVesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizae
VAMVentilation Air Methane
VAMVirginia Association of Museums
VAMVitt Ariskt Motstånd (Swedish: White Aryan Resistance)
VAMVitt Ariskt Motstånd (Sweden)
VAMVerwertungsgesellschaft für Audiovisuelle Medien (Vienna, Austria)
VAMVictor Advanced Media (Japan)
VAMVulnerability Assessment and Mapping (UN)
VAMVice Admiral Malta (US Navy)
VAMVirtual Appliance Marketplace (VMware)
VAMVirtual Access Method
VAMVoluntary Action Manchester
VAMValue-Added Module
VAMVane Adjustment Machine (turbine motors)
VAMVan Allen and Mallis (coin quality rating)
VAMValue Added Manufacturing
VAMVelocita Ascensionale Media (Italian: average climbing speed)
VAMValue-Added Measure
VAMVuil Afvoer Maatschappij (Dutch waste disposal company)
VAMVapour Absorption Machine (India)
VAMVegetable, Animal, Mineral (hair tonic)
VAMVideo Area Manager
VAMMigraine Associated Vertigo
VAMVibration Acoustical Monitoring
VAMVPN Accelerated Module (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
VAMVacuum Advance Mechanism
VAMVenice Arts Mecca (California)
VAMVehicle Allocation Matrix
VAMAttack Squadron, Medium
VAMVista Asset Management (military logistics system)
VAMValue Approximation Method (baseball statistical analysis)
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Commenting on this this appointment, David Macdonald, Sales and Marketing Director, VAM Funds, said, "I am absolutely delighted to have secured the services of David and have him join our team.
For VAM, it was conservatively assumed that an adoption ceiling of 20% of maize farmers would be achieved over the 30-year period.
bacteria, Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Azotobacter, actinomycetes, Pseudomonas, molds and VAM show the data presented in the Table and.
Respondents wrote, for example, that VAMs offer "one standardized indicator of teachers' contribution to student growth in math or [reading/language arts]"; that VAMs "simply [offer] a way to quantify how much students have learned"; and that "a properly specified VAM [provides] the closest thing we have to [a] causal estimate of the impact of a school or teacher on student achievement as measured by state tests.
It used ordinary least squares regression to estimate graduates' math VAM across four years (2005-2008) as a function of various field placement characteristics, elaborated below.
is expected to benefit the market in terms of ethylene supply, which is a key VAM feedstock and is expected to benefit the market supply.
The fact that a standardized test may produce highly reliable scores does not mean that the VAM scores for teachers will be similarly low in measurement error.
This increased access of VAM fungi to nutrients is happened through their extraradical hypae that extend outside the host root up to several centimetres in the soil, allowing the fungi to absorb soil nutrients otherwise unavailable to the host plant (George et al.
VAM was a three-member team led by an agent with a background in narcotics working under the alias Dave Rossi.
We are going after the big fish that other VAM providers are too small to serve," says Gannon Hall, KIT Digital's executive vice president of global marketing.
Dorchester Manor, a 200-apartment rental community at 195 Dilworth Road in New Milford is now one of the region's best performing assets and is nearing a complete lease-up just three months after VAM was retained.
company Fluor Corporation built the acetic acid and VAM units under contracts awarded in 2005, and a joint venture of Germany's Lurgi and France's Air Liquide built the carbon monoxide plant.