VAMASVersailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards
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Three additional techniques were subsequently used to estimate the spring constants of two of the VAMAS test cantilevers.
The results of all of the spring constant measurement techniques are summarized for two VAMAS MRR test cantilevers (#3 & #5) in Fig.
A larger round robin currently underway in VAMAS TWA29 will look at expanding the results of this MRR by providing a wider range of cantilevers (different size, shape, material, tip, and spring constant) in order to provide a fuller picture of the capabilities of these different calibration techniques among different laboratories around the world.
AFM Cantilever Spring Constant Calibration VAMAS Mini Round Robin Test Kit
It is also recommended that each user be well rehearsed in their chosen technique before proceeding to calibrate the VAMAS cantilevers.
z] thickness of clay platelet VAMAS Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards w clay content (wt%) w, [w.
Zanini, Size and Size Distribution of Clays, 2-nd Annual Meeting of VAMAS TWA-33, Rome, 30.
Camino, Report on TWA-PNC Project #1, VAMAS TWA-33 General Meeting.
A major international research program, VAMAS is one of the most successful of 18 technical projects initiated by the June 1982 Economic Summit of Versailles, in France.
With conventional materials, like cast iron, "one typically has a long experience base" through which a material's general properties, such as melting point, conductivity and ductility, become known, explains Steiner, a member of the VAMAS steering committee.
Gettings, Fracture Toughness of Advanced Ceramics by the Surface Crack in Flexure (SCF) Method: A VAMAS Round Robin, VAMAS Technical Report #17, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD 20899.