VAMOVariational Alternant Molecular Orbital
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65 percent of children referred to a Wendy's Wonderful Kids recruiter are older than age nine; 17 percent have had six or more placements; and 33 percent have been in foster care more than four years," says Vamos.
Vamos Todos, Lebanon's biggest ecotourism group with more than 15,000 members, hosts some of the country's most popular hiking trips, which founder Mark Aoun divides into various levels of intensity.
It may be a complicated enough story to tell with words and behind masks but Vamos is telling the whole saga without words, written and directed by the company's artistic director Rachael Savage.
Vamos returns to those heady days with a show looking at the characters from the town as they trained and then competed in the event.
Rachael, who formed Vamos Theatre Company in Worcester six years ago and whose next show Much Ado About Wenlock opens in the autumn, recalls one particular story: "I was told about a nurse working on a ward where there were two solders and a little boy.
In this expansion of a 1991 essay, Computer Epistemology, Vamos (the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) updates and continues the ongoing discussion on artificial intelligence, drawing on his experiences in machine pattern-recognition for vision systems and artificial intelligence and expert systems.
Located 40 minutes by road from Chania International Airport (75 minutes from Heraklion Airport), the development is close to the heart of the village of Litsarda and two kilometres from the shops, bank, post office and healthcare facilities in the small town of Vamos.
Vamos looks set to take top honours in division one the Arrows Removals of London Handicap at Lingfield.
o para Jaa uma as vamos ver quem vai ganhar", declarou bem a vitoria inesperada.
Todos los tuneles que somos nos vamos Esta cancion partio de una frase de un manuscrito de Jaime Acosta Teixeiro (1947-69), poeta inedito de la ciudad de Mexico de la decada del sesenta.
Honda plans to recall 129,159 minicars of three models -- the Acty, Vamos and Vamos Hobio -- produced between August 2001 and January this year due to potential engine or door troubles.