VAMOVariational Alternant Molecular Orbital
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Fun and informational, Vamos de Compras con Jenny Patrizia will allow TV viewers to feel they are actually going shopping with Patrizia while she demonstrates the latest gadgets on herself
El programa de desarme voluntario ha sido un exito, vamos a seguir trabajandolo asi, vamos a iniciar con otras Delegaciones.
El director general y tambien jugador del Estudiantes Tecos, Juan Carlos Leano, dijo que buscara el mejor proyecto del equipo en la Liga de Ascenso, aunque sabe "que no sera facil, pero vamos a trabajar".
It may be a complicated enough story to tell with words and behind masks but Vamos is telling the whole saga without words, written and directed by the company's artistic director Rachael Savage.
The automaker filed a report with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport that it is recalling 96,000 vehicles in the Vamos series manufactured between January 2000 and March 2007 because two cases of fire involving the models were reported in Miyagi Prefecture in November.
Sahagun, who ranks near the top of polls on prospective 2006 presidential candidates, was the object of a report that exposed holes in the financial reporting of Vamos Mexico and showed only 30% of donations in its first 15 months made it to charitable causes.
response," says Kathaleen Vamos, world history instructor at East Allegheny High School in North Versailles, Pa.
Islas hablo tambien de la importancia que este congreso tiene para Dataproducts: "Aprovecharemos para llegar al mercado de manera nacional, pues queremos que en las mesas el distribuidor se quede con la idea de que vamos con ellos a todas partes; ademas, nuestro apoyo en su evaluacion de negocios esta presente siempre.
Poco a poco vamos a cambiar este pais por los que riven en este pais" ("We're going to win.
The projects were among more than 90 carried out during the past seven years by a group called VAMOS founded and coordinated by the Colemans.
Born in Budapest, Vamos danced in Munich before working as a choreographer at several opera houses in Germany.