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VAMPIRVeille Air-Mer Panoramique Infrarouge (French infrared search and track system)
VAMPIRVisualization and Analysis of Message Passing Interface Resources
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La cuarta sostiene que vampiro proviene del serbio vampir, que significa 'espectro' o 'cadaver'.
McClelland begins, in contrast, by noting that, while the origin of the word vampir cannot be pinpointed exactly, the evidence suggests that it was a Slavic word used between eight hundred and a thousand years ago to label an individual who either belonged to a particular group or practiced specific beliefs or rituals--which is to say that the original vampires were not supernatural beings, but cultural outsiders (32-33).
Among the warning systems is the Sagem Vampir MB infrared search and track (IRST) system.
Dirigiendo el colmillo, Vampir, illo, al corporeo vello, velo,
Yet clinical trials of DSPA for acute stoke are reportedly underway in Europe--where perhaps some vampir es might be willing to donate saliva.
vampire German Vampir,from Serbo-Croatian vampir, alteration of earlier upir
But if Vampir is to be understood as an allegory, who is its Count Dracula?