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VAMPIRVeille Air-Mer Panoramique Infrarouge (French infrared search and track system)
VAMPIRVisualization and Analysis of Message Passing Interface Resources
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McClelland begins, in contrast, by noting that, while the origin of the word vampir cannot be pinpointed exactly, the evidence suggests that it was a Slavic word used between eight hundred and a thousand years ago to label an individual who either belonged to a particular group or practiced specific beliefs or rituals--which is to say that the original vampires were not supernatural beings, but cultural outsiders (32-33).
Load Sharing Facility, Etnus Inc, TotalView Debugger and Pallas' VAMPIR and VAMPIRTRACE performance analysis tools.
Contract award: Delivery of software Vampir Trace Alanyzer.
Sniperscope and German Vampir and their infrared projectors; Generation 1, as exemplified by the cascade tube and AN/PVS-2 Starlight Scope; Generation 2 with the introduction of the micro channel plate (MCP); and Generation 3, which came about with the addition of the gallium arsenide (GaAs) photocathode and the ion-barrier film on the MCP.