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VAMPIREVisual Active Memory Processes and Interactive REtrieval
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This fresh allusion to Byron* drew a smile to Franz's countenance; although he could but allow that if anything was likely to induce belief in the existence of vampires, it would be the presence of such a man as the mysterious personage before him.
Byron had the most perfect belief in the existence of vampires, and even assured me that he had seen them.
I wanted vampires and the bad old days and aristocracy hand-in-hand with superstition.
The great Bootmann had arrived at that part of the Nightmare Sonata in which musical sound, produced principally with the left hand, is made to describe, beyond all possibility of mistake, the rising of the moon in a country church-yard and a dance of Vampires round a maiden's grave.
One lies there lapped up in evils, watched over by beings that are worse than ogres, ghouls, and vampires.
com/the-vampire-diaries-new-cast-season-7/) interview , the 32-year-old actor-director admitted that "The Vampire Diaries" will have another round but he is not aware of what will happen to the show past season 7.
And quite often if they had a suspected vampire in a grave, they would cut off the head and stuff the mouth with garlic to prevent them coming back and feeding on people.
At VamPIRE Tools, we have long believed in providing our customers with high quality products and great value, backed by unparalleled customer service", said Anita Qureshey, President of VamPIRE Tools.
You can't kill me, I'm already dead: A vampire anthology" presents the chronicles behind modern vampires and provides a chronological tour through vampire literature.
This is a different take on the Vampire genre, presenting as somewhat satirical.
Fresh from Dark Shadows, Tim Burton comes on board as producer on this film:"I think there's so many different types of vampire stories and vampire lore and it was interesting to look at different kinds of rules from different countries and different kind of makeup.
Mary Hallab pushes her way into the already crowded shelves of vampire criticism with Vampire God: The Allure of the Undead in Western Culture, an academic examination of the appeal of vampires in Western culture.