VANOCVancouver Organizing Committee (2010 Winter Olympics; Canada; est. 2003)
VANOCVancouver Orgainzing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
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It was therefore acknowledged by both levels of court that VANOC did not have any control over the Olympic program and, more specifically, over the decision not to include an event for women's ski jumping.
The Supreme Court of British Columbia determined that Sagen presented three major issues: 1) Does the Canadian Charter apply to VANOC; 2) If the Canadian Charter does apply to VANOC, did VANOC breach [section] 15 of the Canadian Charter; and 3) If a breach of the Canadian Charter took place, did [section] 1 of the Canadian Charter render the infringement moot.
Among the bills still to be worked out is how much money VANOC will have to compensate Intrawest Corp, owners of the Whistler Ski resort, for business it lost by hosting the Alpine and sliding sport venues.
In the one instance where VANOC ran a design contest-for the design of the Games logo--the results were farcical.
One of the mildest winters in recent Vancouver history meant snow had to be brought in on pallettes and laid on top of hay bales in order for the events to get under way but VANOC was still forced to refund a total of 28,000 tickets after spectator areas were deemed unsafe underfoot.
But while VANOC liked the idea of a long, flag-like flame, the extended opening for that flame would make it susceptible to being blown out.
Bell and Avaya have won "Sustainability Stars" from VANOC for the IP and wireless networks.
I think no Canadian should underestimate the power of the Olympic torch relay," says John Furlong, chief executive officer of VANOC in an audioclip on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics website.
VANOC (2)--the women's ski jumping case--presents a modification to this theme.
s Sierra Club, she served on a team that helped advise VANOC on sustainability performance.
VANOC has made sustainability one of the main themes of the 2010 Winter Games, taking measures to reduce the environmental impacts of the Games.