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VANSValue Added Network Services
VANSValue-Added Network Service
VANSVisual Arts Nova Scotia (Canada)
VANSValue-Added Network Systems
VANSVehicular Alert and Notification System
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van der Luyden's portrait by Huntington (in black velvet and Venetian point) faced that of her lovely ancestress.
van der Luyden; but he found her gentle bending sweetness less approachable than the grimness of some of his mother's old aunts, fierce spinsters who said "No" on principle before they knew what they were going to be asked.
1610, a fact which proved that they were guilders of Van Baerle the father and of Van Baerle the grandfather; but we will inform the reader at once that these three or four hundred thousand guilders were only the pocket money, or sort of purse, for Cornelius van Baerle, the hero of this story, as his landed property in the province yielded him an income of about ten thousand guilders a year.
Having given utterance to this paternal advice, the worthy Mynheer van Baerle died, to the intense grief of his son Cornelius, who cared very little for the guilders, and very much for his father.
In addition to these--and they were all on deck, chattering and piping in queer, almost elfish, falsetto voices--were the two white men, Captain Van Horn and his Danish mate, Borckman, making a total of seventy-nine souls.
Thought your heart 'd failed you at the last moment," was Captain Van Horn's greeting, a quick pleasure light glowing into his eyes as they noted Jerry.
Van Brandt, on the contrary, seemed to find but little attraction in the spectacle presented by the stage.
The familiarity of the action--confirming the suspicion in my mind which had already identified him with Van Brandt--so enraged me that I said or did something which obliged one of the gentlemen in the box to interfere.
Van Helsing's face almost beamed, and as we lifted her from the bath and rolled her in a hot sheet to dry her he said to me, "The first gain is ours
I noticed that Van Helsing tied a soft silk handkerchief round her throat.
Understand me,' continued Van Tromp; 'I am a man of the world.
This manner of carrying an intimacy at the bayonet's point was Van Tromp's stock-in- trade.