VAPCVirulence Associated Protein C
VAPCVector Adaptive Predictive Coding (speech)
VAPCVeriuni All Purpose Cleaner
VAPCVehicle Accident Prevention Center
VApcVentral Anterior Pars Principalis (neurosurgery)
VAPCVarsity Acres Presbyterian Church (Calgary, AB, Canada)
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These results can be attributed to the fact that VAPC provides community education and training about strategies and problem-solving skills to develop community standards and hold merchants accountable to existing ordinances.
11] 2000 NIH, Ellison Foundation Author(s) Type of Evidence [1] Application Lonstein and Case series Changes in treatment Carlson [2] plans for patients with small initial curvatures Slater [3] Controlled trial Changes in practitioner personal protective equipment use with certain populations Geil [4] Cross-sectional study Increased scrutiny of VAPC caliper accuracy and reliability Kaufman et al.
The VAPC combined a working clinic with the rehabilitation, development, and evaluation efforts already in place and encompassed orthopedic medicine, physical therapy, bioengineering, prosthetics, orthotics, facial restoration, and assistive technologies.
This investigation used transtibial unmodified foam residual-limb positive models (1) to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of the digital shape-capture component of two commercially available CAD systems (Tracer OMEGA and T-Ring II; Ohio Willow Wood, Mount Sterling, Ohio) compared with previously recorded and published anthropometrics from standard measurement tools (standard tape measure, force gauge tape measure, anthropometer, VAPC, and Ritz Stick) [10] and (2) to quantify several clinically important residual-limb measurement parameters.