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VAPORVermont Agency of Paranormal Organized Research
VAPORVirtual-tape Automated Pack Routine
VAPORVeterans Affairs Pharmacists Organized for Research
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The vapor bath of which we have made mention is in frequent use among the Nez Perce tribe, chiefly for cleanliness.
This compact body of vapor had appeared about eight o'clock in the morning, and, by eleven, it had already reached the height of the sun's disk.
The balloon, completely enveloped in the vapor, gained a little increase of speed, perhaps, and that was all.
At the distance of a few leagues, the bed of the water became lost among mountains, or was wrapped in the masses of vapor that came slowly rolling along their bosom, before a light morning air.
It was soon apparent that Hawkeye had not magnified the power of the fog, for before they had proceeded twenty yards, it was difficult for the different individuals of the party to distinguish each other in the vapor.
Toward sunset we entered a beautiful green valley dotted with chalets, a cozy little domain hidden away from the busy world in a cloistered nook among giant precipices topped with snowy peaks that seemed to float like islands above the curling surf of the sea of vapor that severed them from the lower world.
The vapor floated away; the atmosphere became, clear again; a whiff of fresh air filled the tent, and the pink curtains of the couch trembled slightly, as if stirred from within.
Her temperature would be raised to such a pitch," said Barbicane, "that she would be at once reduced to vapor.
It's a highly-interconnected suite of hardware, software and connectivity working together in concert, said Cole Crawford, founder & CEO of Vapor IO.
In each loading, part of the gasoline vapor goes into the atmosphere, causing environment pollution.
Atmospheric air contains water vapor (water in a gaseous form).
OpenDCRE is an open source solution created by Vapor IO to simplify data center infrastructure communication.