VAPPSAVirginia Police and Private Security Alliance (Fairfax County, VA)
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Although the VAPPSA has made significant headway in establishing a model for public-private partnerships, the alliance is still learning from the experience.
The VAPPSA members who initiated the group did not realize how much time it would take to establish bylaws, create a formal structure, remedy legal entanglements, and create momentum.
Getting information about VAPPSA spread throughout the member organizations continues to be a key issue and an incomplete task.
The leadership role in VAPPSA has focused on improving communications between groups and creating a joint vision for the organization.
Despite many setbacks and disappointments, VAPPSA has grown to include its first membership group outside Northern Virginia.
In addition to its outreach efforts, VAPPSA also implemented a facsimile reporting system in June that transmits crime information among VAPPSA members.
VAPPSA has already held joint training sessions on gang activities, illegal telephone monitoring, emergency operation centers, criminal profiling, and several other topics.