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VAPSVideo Arcade Preservation Society
VAPSVirtual Avionics Prototyping System
VAPSVirtual Applications Prototyping System
VAPSValue Added Products and Services (various companies)
VAPSVirginia Power Shift (student conference on global climate change)
VAPSVeterans Affairs Personnel System
VAPSVeterans Affairs Police System
VAPSVariable Assist Power Steering
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148) In these districts, the percentage of the black VAP dropped below 51 percent.
Some OEMs and EMS providers will forgo the VAPS option and continue to make procurement, logistics and inventory management decisions based on internally derived information.
While participation in VAPs by juvenile offenders has been associated with positive changes in their knowledge and attitudes, the outcome measures used have been very closely related to the programs' contents and might not tap more general sociocognitive processes.
Some 34% of the consumers surveyed became aware of the VAPS program after entering the target stores.
For harried holiday shoppers, VAPs are an easy gift decision.
Air is drawn through the VAPS inlet, which has a limit of 10 [micro]m.
Dia Madden, RN, said, "We learned that a big recommendation to reduce VAPs is to improve mouth care, so we turned to AACN guidelines.
25, 26) Among rural children the VAPS study also highlighted a significantly elevated risk of developing acute respiratory infection (OR > 5) among those in wood- and coal-burning homes.
Assuming such an agreement between state and national parties exists, limits for Senate candidates in 2007, adjusted for inflation, range from $163,600 in states with the smallest VAPs to more than $4.
One approach to simulation is a series of software programs - STAGE, VAPS, FLSIM and HELISIM, offered by Virtual Prototypes Inc.
Japanese trading companies are another important example of VAPs.