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VAPSVideo Arcade Preservation Society
VAPSVirtual Avionics Prototyping System
VAPSVirtual Applications Prototyping System
VAPSValue Added Products and Services (various companies)
VAPSVirginia Power Shift (student conference on global climate change)
VAPSVeterans Affairs Personnel System
VAPSVeterans Affairs Police System
VAPSVariable Assist Power Steering
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For retailers, that means start early, taking advantage of VAPs and other tools from producers and distributors, refreshing shelves and displays and creating a festive atmosphere in the store.
In people, the most common complications associated with VAPs are infection around the VAP, port migration, catheter occlusion, skin necrosis over the VAP, port exposure, device rotation, and catheter-related sepsis.
VAPS XT offers HMI designers, systems engineers and embedded engineers unparalleled control and flexibility for creating interactive real-time graphical displays for avionics and other safety-critical embedded applications.
VAPs are mainly finished steel and are termed so depending on their treatment or their end use.
National Science Foundation | NYU New York University | ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory | PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | SciDAC Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing | SDM Scientific Data Management | SPA Scientific Process Automation | UC University of California | VAP Value Added Product
All VAPs are investigated thoroughly, and audits continue to monitor bundle practices as well as toothbrushing patterns.
In contrast with other supply chain companies, VAPS form partnerships with OEMs or EMS providers to provide the best possible price performance in both constrained and excess markets.
This order consists of eNGENUITY Technologies' VAPS software (Human-Machine Interface development tool) and VAPS DOORS interface module and training.
At the heart of VAPs is an attempt to get participants to think about victims using accurate and credible information.
The Glenlivet Single Malt is offering two special VAPs this holiday season: the classic 750 ml of The Glenlivet 12 Year Old packaged with two branded single malt glasses, and a 750 ml of The Glenlivet 12 Year Old packaged with 50 mls of 15 Year Old & 18 Year Old.
However, VAPs are made with the most modern materials and technology.
The VAPS Project will enhance visitor safety by removing heavy vehicles from the Forecourt to a new underground loading dock.