VAPSHCSVeterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care Center
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Lai, VAPSHCS Liver Research Enhancement Award Program and NIH grants P50AA011999 and T32AA007578.
We also thank the dedicated staff of the clinical chemistry, microbiology, and specimen-processing sections of the VAPSHCS Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service for analytical support.
To relieve increasing appointment backlogs and some of the strain on clinic resources, VAPSHCS explored the viability of again using a group format with the added challenges of digital hearing aid fittings.
Veterans at VAPSHCS who are hearing-impaired and awaiting hearing aids typically have scores ranging from 25 to 30 and successful hearing aid wearers score from 55 to 60.
Abbreviations: ANOVA = analysis of variance, OHSU = Oregon Health and Science University, PVAMC = Portland Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, SD = standard deviation, THI = Tinnitus Handicap Inventory, TRT = tinnitus retraining therapy, TSI = Tinnitus Severity Index, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs, VAMC = VA medical center, VAPSHCS = VA Puget Sound Health Care System.