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VAQVoitures Anciennes du Québec (French: Classic Cars of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
VAQVisual Air Quality
VAQVisiting Airman's Quarters
VAQVariance Adaptive Quantization (video encoding technique)
VAQNavy Tactical EW Squadron
VAQElectronic Attack Squadron (US Navy)
VAQTactical Electronics Warfare Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used in from 1968 to present)
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The VAQ similarly monitors the wheel sensors, but in its case, it makes required wheel speed adjustments between the front wheels.
VAQ website works in collaboration with other French organisations in Qatar to provide its visitors with a comprehensive and updated website.
Uunexpected challenges for VAQ 141 arose from the need for a building to operate from; the ability to communicate within Al Asad and back to TR; the need for vehicles, sleeping quarters, work spaces, offices; and, more important, the capability to perform proper maintenance operations.
For example, one of the VAQ questions inquires about participation in a serious undetected crime during the past seven years.