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VAQTAVaccine Against Hepatitis A
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The expanded age indication for VAQTA is good news for parents, doctors and the public health community because it means we can help protect children against hepatitis A earlier in life.
Study Supports Use of VAQTA Starting at 12 Months of Age
The formulation, dosage, and schedule for VAQTA have not changed.
VAQTA is now indicated for active immunization of persons aged [greater than or equal to] 12 months to protect against disease caused by hepatitis A virus.
Sales of VAQTA, Merck's vaccine to help prevent hepatitis A, also continued to grow.
Sales of VAQTA, Merck's vaccine to prevent hepatitis A, also continued to grow.
Results for the year were paced by sales volume gains of established major products, including ZOCOR, VASOTEC, VASERETIC, PRINIVIL, PEPCID, RECOMBIVAX HB and M-M-R II, and by the newer product introductions, CRIXIVAN, COZAAR(b), HYZAAR(b), FOSAMAX, TRUSOPT, VARIVAX, VAQTA and COMVAX.
Market share for VAQTA, for vaccination against hepatitis A, continues to grow due to promotion by Merck's expanded vaccine sales force and contracts with the Department of Defense and Centers for Disease Control.
Merck received approval for two vaccines in 1996: VAQTA, which prevents hepatitis A, and COMVAX, a combination of the antigenic components of two existing Merck vaccines, PEDVAXHIB and RECOMBIVAX HB.
VAQTA has been licensed in 21 countries, including the United States.
Merck has now launched VAQTA, a vaccine to prevent hepatitis A, in the United States and Germany.
In May, Merck began shipping in the United States its newest vaccine, VAQTA (R), which is for the prevention of hepatitis A in people two years of age and older.