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VARValue-Added Reseller (usually of technology products)
VARVacuum Arc Remelted
VARVisual-Aural Range
VARVeluwse Afval Recycling (Dutch waste recycling company; Netherlands)
VARVarna, Bulgaria - Varna (Airport Code)
VARVisual-Aural Radio Range
VARVolcanic Activity Reporting
VARVoltage Adjusting Rheostat
VARVendor Approval Request
VARVehicle Anomaly Report
VARVereinte Arabische Republik (UAR; Egypt & Syria 1958-1961)
VARValue Assurance Review
VARVisit Access Request
VARVideo-to-Audio Carrier Ratio
VARValidation Assessment Report
VARVulnerability Assessment Review
VARVoice Access Router
VARVector Auto-Regressive/ion
VARVuestra Alteza Real (Spanish: Your Royal Highness)
VARVisual Acuity Rating (optometry)
VARVulnerability Assessment Report
VARVolt-Ampere Reactive
VARValue At Risk
VARVariance Analysis Report
VARVirginia Association of Realtors (trade association)
VARValue Added Reseller
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For the VARs willing to take up the programming challenge, it opens up huge new business opportunities, and avenues to a market that--until now--has been ripe, but largely out of reach.
An adequately staffed consultant or VAR offers troubleshooting support to the ERP purchaser.
At the same time, Deacon warns against giving a VAR an exclusive franchise for a market or territory.
In addition, qualified VAR success stories will be created by Wyse and distributed in direct mailings, with additional copies supplied to the VAR.
PacketHop is very excited to be working with several of the communications industry's leading VARs," said Michael Howse, president and chief executive officer of PacketHop.
To become an authorized A/UX VAR in the United States, VARs must call one of Apple's national distributors and request an Apple distributor VAR application form.
Top VAR of the West 2006 - Future Computing Solutions, Inc.
VARs remarket PC products in combination with hardware or software applications and sell the integrated product offering to target markets such as small business.
I've been happy to team with BelAir Networks to deliver proven, cost-effective wireless broadband mesh networks in Beaverton, the City of Sherwood and throughout Washington County," said Rick Lindahl, President, Invictus Networks, a leading wireless VAR based in Oregon.
Apple USA expects to officially launch the new VAR distributor program during the second calendar quarter of 1992.
For more information about NextAlarm's VAR and VoIPAlarm programs, customers should send an e-mail to info@NextAlarm.
This partnership represents a powerful endorsement of our ability to deliver incremental revenue opportunity through access to our VAR customer segment," said David R.