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VARDAVictims of Air Related DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Association (UK)
VARDAValemount and Area Recreation Development Association (British Columbia, Canada)
VARDAVoice Activated Radio Dispatched Alarm
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Meanwhile, Dixon top scored for Sagesse with 20 points while Rustom and Varda added 18 and 17 points respectively.
Las playas de Agnes Varda (2008) es un estupendo documental que transmite su inquietud de espacio, de Los Angeles a Iran, de Jim Morrison a Fidel Castro; con este autorretrato la senora Varda se adelanta a cualquiera que pretenda rodar un documental sobre ella y su obra; se requiere de mucho talento para armar coherentemente este bricolaje de vida.
While Djebar was invested in critiquing the colonial past and the condition of women in Algeria, she, like Varda and many French and Francophone thinkers, strove to overcome the limitations of a French patriarchal system, with its own dynamics of female objectification, fetishism, and seclusion, manifest in the domains of artistic expression and writing.
Witness for example the post-1964 work of Godard, Varda, and Alain Resnais (and even Truffaut to some extent).
One moment he was hitting the snooze button on his alarm clock, Varda said, "and the next thing I knew I was in ICU.
Special Guests Keanu Reeves, Whit Stillman, Mike Figgis and Agnes Varda are slated to give master classes during the festival.
For the finale, the opulent and stunning fine jewellery of Varda Goenka featuring diamonds, rubies and emeralds shone brilliantly on the ramp, all beautifully complemented by clothing from the Strand of Silk collection.
Different contributors attempted to relate the personal experiences of different identities: gender, race, sexuality, indigeneity (Taiaiake Alfred, "Pathways to an Ethic of Struggle," 2007); or, as in the ongoing series "The Personal Dimension," the magazine featured people recounting their own personal experiences (among many others, Gregory Baum, Mel Watkins, Varda Burstyn and Francois David).
Varda, it seems, is as important a name in France as those others are in America, Britain, Italy and Germany respectively.
The presenters will step back in time to the early years of the 20th century in a gypsy caravan known as a Varda, designed and crafted locally for the series.
Crefftwyr lleol o Flaenannerch, ger Aberteifi, sydd wedi dylunio ac adeiladu'r Varda Romani traddodiadol y bydd Ifan a Shn yn teithio ynddi.
Among them, both Agnes Varda and Jean Eustache stand out for having produced two thought-provoking short films that, while remaining true to each director's artistic vision, dialogue with and contribute to the new kind of photographic theory and criticism that was circulating on both sides of the Atlantic at around the same time.