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VAREVictims of Animal Rights Extremists (UK)
VAREVisual Acuity, Right Eye (ophthalmology)
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Vare says that they will continue to develop the site with higher profile rocks to help show snorkelers the way to each of the rock piles.
Given the many risk factors sexual minority students face, such as suicide, psychiatric care and hospitalization, depression, running away, substance abuse, sexually risky behaviors, poor school performance, and truancy (Stone, 2003; Vare & Norton, 1998; Weiler, 2004), it is imperative that school counselors are trained in how to best assist these students.
The important thing is keeping control over property and [enforcing] laws," Vare said.
Vare cites a National Science Foundation prediction that nanotechnology will be a $1 trillion industry by 2015 and notes that while venture capitalists invested $702 million in such startups last year, the federal government is set to spend more than twice that amount in 2009 for research efforts.
Although he does not mention the 18th-century Dutch account, Barme does quote a charming description by the Italian diplomat Daniele Vare of watching Yuan Shikai, President of the Chinese Republic, being pushed across the frozen lakes in 1914, by servants wearing modern, western-style 'frockcoats and top hats'.
One of the earliest mentions of the village refers to Cynibre - or great hill - which refers to the outcrop where the remains of an Iron Age fort can be found, although there are reports that the name Kinver actually derives from the term chene vare, or royal rose.
vare considered abnormal if they occupy more than one-fourth of the normal head.
Anna Vare, 50, had only been out of prison for a short time after serving three years for conning a 76-year-old blind woman out of pounds 20,000.
GEORGIANA Vare has spent the last five years saving up pounds 7,000 for a deposit on her first home.
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The third site, the rockshelter of Vare Zard Complex, shows characteristic features of Neolithic chipped stone industry, namely bullet cores, reamers and various kinds of retouched bladelets.
DELIGHTED sisters Suzanne Moore and Tanya Vare gave birth to their babies on the same day.