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VARIVan Andel Research Institute (Grand Rapids, MI)
VARIVacuum Assisted Resin Injection (molding process)
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Trent, who will retain his roles at TGen, but upon implementation of the agreement also will become President and Research Director of VARI.
George Vande Woude, who in 1998 was appointed the founding Director of VARI.
Trent, who will now lead VARI, and an alliance that strengthens two of the nation's fast-emerging leaders in biomedical research," David Van Andel said.
Varis so missed Leichtman, an audiophile with a set of $80,000 speakers, that she buried his ashes within a replica.
Starting in 2007, Varis underwrote cheap orchestra seats at the Met for certain shows and made sure that seniors didn't have to line up for them.
Varis said she wasn't all that interested in the "fancy folk" who tended to drift to cultural boards, but she thought it was good to set an example.
In the past, our VARiS Vision customers have had to make their own arrangements for backing up data or putting disaster recovery protocols in place," Hanna said.
The comprehensive database at the heart of the new VARiS Vision system eliminates the need to enter the same patient data into treatment planning and information management systems.
VARiS Vision software offers especially powerful image-management and utilization features.
VARIS specializes in overpayment identification solutions including DRG and APC.