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VARICAPVoltage Variable Capacitor
VARICAPVariable Capacity
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MEMS switches and varicaps products are getting to commercialization today
MEMS switch and varicaps will generate over US$ 650M sales by 2012.
Evaluate the accessible market for your switch or varicap components
If it performs as claimed, WiSpry's varicap would reduce the number of passive components needed in handsets and enhance the performance of antenna switch modules (ASMs), PAs, and transceiver modules.
In each of the new potential applications, Yole has analyzed how the leading MEMS companies (Siimpel for micro autofocus, EPCOS and Wispry for Varicaps, STM, ADI, Bosch, Kionix and InvenSense for inertial clustersO) are positioned to benefit from the dynamic of the cell phone industry.