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VARKVisual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (learning styles)
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The results of GPN students were similar to other healthcare students presented in the research examining the VARK learning style theory.
In additional research on the relationship between VARK learning style and course effectiveness, Drago and Wagner (2004) classified students in various combinations of visual, aural, read/write and kinesthetic scores to compare learning style with "course effectiveness.
Talking of which, chef Ted Corrado of the ROM's own c5 restaurant used vark to garnish the sweet course on this year's Valentine's Day menu.
The following reports from three students who analysed their fieldwork experiences using results from the VARK questionnaire illustrates the value of knowing about learning styles.
In Section III, we describe the VARK learning styles questionnaire and our rationale for using it in our study.
Association president Mohammed Tahir Vark said: "This will hopefully give an insight into the religion of Islam.
Designed by Fleming and Bonwell (2002), VARK is a standardized 13-item scale for recognizing four different approaches to learning.
Die groep gedigte in afdeling drie werk deurgaans met elemente van vervreemding, waardeur die alledaagse ('n vlieg, 'n pampoen, 'n vark, 'n kweper, onder andere) deur die gebruik van die wetenskaplike Latynse naam op 'n afstand geplaas word.
Vark to Surinam cost sterling] sterling] To Cash paid Isaac Gabay for his father's Maintenance 7 16 To a Negro man Cooper 50 To his Bills for 500 ps.
Because it was my second flight in the Vark, the pilot spent extra time covering crew coordination, ORM issues, and his expectations of me as his WSO.
Die beste verhaal is myns insiens "Varkie en die eende" waarin 'n rede gegee word hoekom die vark se snoet so plat en rond is: "Die varkie het 'n plat ronde snoet waarmee hy skoffel en die grond omkeer en soek en soek na sy meisie wat hy eens gehad het" (166).