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VASARIVisual Arts System for Archiving and Retrieval of Images
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Just as critical as the relationship between museum and city is the connection between the Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti: the reopening of the Vasari Corridor will be a highly symbolic achievement for a director who, without precedent, is responsible for both places and their multiple collections.
Vasari has over three decades of experience in owning and operating branded consumer goods companies across Africa, Asia and Europe.
Vasari Energy produces solar PV systems that give customers energy at costs that are competitive with utility rates.
The final chapter in this section focuses on the epitaphs collected by Vasari in his biographies.
While this anthology was probably not designed to be read cover-to-cover, the reader who does so will be rewarded with a rich, prismatic experience of Vasari as author and literato, particularly in terms of the evolution of his thinking between his influential text's initial publication by Torrentino in 1550 and the release of its enhanced second edition, published by the Giunti, in 1568.
Vasari seems to record the real-life melancholy of artists in addition to Morto and Andrea.
Vasari noted that a potential purchase of Whyte & Mackay would be a good complement to its portfolio of spirits and beer businesses in Africa and Asia.
Entre elas: a correspondencia de Pietro Aretino e outros escritos sobre pintura, editados em anos anteriores: o Lezzione nella quale se disputa della maggioranza delle arti e quale sia piU nobile, la scultura o la pittura (1549), de Benedetto Varchi, o Da Pintura, de Leon Battista Alberti (numa traducao veneta de 1547); O Dialogo di pittura, de Paolo Pino (1548); o Della nobilissima pittura, de Michelangelo Biondo (1549); o Disegno, de Anton Francesco Doni (1549), e fundamentalmente as Vite, de Giorgio Vasari, obra que representou sua maior fonte teorico-artistica.
Vasari presents Leonardo da Vinci as a precocious genius; however, Leonardo was also formed by the environment of the culturally vibrant Florence of the 1470s, then a major center of the arts (8).
He claimed that the discovery of the pigment was the first definitive proof that the Da Vinci work lies hidden beneath a huge battle scene subsequently painted in the same spot by the artist Giorgio Vasari.
Ces traces ont ete retrouvees a l'aide de micro-cameras passees a travers une fresque de Giorgio Vasari decorant l'une des principales salles du Palazzo Vecchio, le siege de la mairie, a Florence.
All traces of the original were lost more than 50 years later when Giorgio Vasari renovated the great Sala dei Cinquecento in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio and was ordered to paint a new fresco, "The Battle of Marciano," to accommodate the higher walls.