VASCVirginia Air and Space Center
VASCVision and Autonomous Systems Center
VASCVersatility Australian Shepherd Club (Germany)
VASCVeriFone Authorized Service Contractor
VASCVoice and Access Systems Certification (Sprint)
VASCVersatile Assign Signature Checking
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VASC Software and Media company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vietnam Post and Telecommunications (VNPT).
VASC is an Information Technology company and Vietnam's major communications agency.
We are excited to work with VASC, a subsidiary of the largest state owned company, in bringing our technologies to the commercial, governmental, and general consumers of Vietnam," commented Michael Wu, IPN's CEO.
5T, including BSI (Blood Sensitive Imaging) for depiction of small veins and hemorrhage, plus VASC - ASL, another new non-contrast MRA technique.