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VASCONVietnamese American Student Conference
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After two years she returned to Vascon to live with her mother and asked the bishop of Treviso for a separation of bed and board.
She related that she and Andrea had been married fourteen years earlier in the village of Vascon, but she did not live with her husband because he left her to live with a woman named Anzola from the village of Lovadina.
A villana from Vascon, she was of a low class and few resources.
A Credit Suisse arm held 74 per cent stake in a special purpose vehicle that was formed with Vascon Engineers to set up an information technology park and a hotel on a five acre plot.
The group may develop the hotel on its own or even retain Vascon as construction partner; the call is yet to be taken," one of the sources said.
5 acre land formerly owned by the venture in which Credit Suisse held 74% and Vascon the rest has already been developed into an IT park Matrix and leased.
With the original acquisition of Vascon, we expanded our access system and catheter core competencies and gained essential technology for developing our ENZO[TM] steerable microcatheter, the first steerable catheter available to the neurointerventional market.
The increase in gross margin was due primarily to increased sales of higher-margin products and to certain manufacturing efficiencies, partially offset by higher levels of distributor sales primarily in Japan and the acquisition of Vascon.
Micrus Endovascular Corporation (Nasdaq: MEND) today announced that it has acquired certain assets and business of privately held VasCon LLC, a leader in the development and manufacture of vascular access and delivery devices.
Under terms of the agreement, Micrus, through its subsidiary Micrus Design Technology, acquired assets of VasCon for an up-front payment of approximately $5 million, paid in cash and Micrus stock, and performance based earn-out payments over three years.
The VasCon team has already demonstrated unmatched technical capability through its work with the Micrus research and development team on developing the Micrus ENZO, our proprietary steerable catheter expected to be launch before the end of our fiscal 2007 year.