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VASIVisual Approach Slope Indicator
VASIVirtual Asynchronous Services Interface
VASIVietnam Agricultural Science Institute (Vietnam)
VASIVietnamese Advanced Summer Institute (language study)
VASIVariety Ability Systems, Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
VASIVariable Acuity Superpixel Imager
VASIVenice Aviation Society, Inc. (Venice, FL)
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You dig to remember that VGSI is Visual Glideslope Indicator; among the several varieties found, the PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) is the most common, followed by VASIs (Visual Approach Slope Indicators).
For many of the founding members of VASI, the will to do this work is deeply spiritual.
The primary outcome was percent improvement in VASI from baseline.
VASI score 100%: Depigmentation, 90%: Specks of pigment, 75%: Depigmented areas more than the pigmented areas, 50%: Equal pigmented and depigmented areas, 25%: Pigmented areas more than depigmented area and 10%: Specks of depigmentation.
Add to that the white lights, VASI, HIRL, REIL and the inability to see anything left or right of the "runway" because of the black-hole effect of an island approach at night.
The airport updated the visual approach lighting for Runway 22, replacing the VASI with PAPI.
We briefed flying the VASI a little low to maximize the runway available, and we'd gingerly use the brakes because of our carrier-pressurized tires.
Normally in the daytime I don't use visual glideslope data from either the VASI or other visual aid but given the necessity to fly an ultra-smooth approach in this case, I elected to use the VASI and fly a "one white over three red" approach.
The A/FD also reveals it's right traffic for Runway 26 and that the VASI for Runway 08 is only useable six degrees left and right of course.
The view was just like the magazine photos, with approach lights, a sequenced flasher (the rabbit), plus runway and VASI lights directly in front of me.
Wind is favoring a short runway with no vertical guidance, not even a VASI, so you want to make sure to land at the beginning of the runway.