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VASPVienna Ab-Initio Simulation Package
VASPVasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein
VASPValue Added Service Provider
VASPViação Aérea São Paulo SA (Brazilian airline)
VASPVirginia Academy of School Psychologists
VASPVirtual Application Service Provider
VASPVirtual Analog Switching Point (ITU-T)
VASPValue Added Services Platform
VASPVoice Application Service Provider
VASPVersatile Acoustic Signal Processor
VASPVirtual Access Service Platform (Terabridge)
VASPVertical Application Service Provider
VASPVermont Association of School Psychologists
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3] Nonstandard abbreviations: ACS, acute coronary syndrome; PCI, percutaneous intervention; LTA, light transmission aggregometry; VASP, vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein; GRAVITAS, Gauging Responsiveness with a VerifyNow Assay--Impact on Thrombosis and Safety; ARCTIC, Assessment by a Double Randomization of a Conventional Antiplatelet Strategy versus a Monitoring-guided Strategy for Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation versus Continuation One Year after Stenting; FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; ACCF, American College of Cardiology Foundation; AHA, American Heart Association.
Motorola Global Services professionals will support the modification of its legacy systems such as content downloading system, WAP and LBS (Location Based Service) platforms and the integration of VASP with Shanghai Unicom's existing network environment and its BSS (Business Support Systems).
VASP is a software-driven call and connection control platform.
It is possible that N-WASP, in addition to VASP, can recruit profilin and actin to the surface of Shigella, thereby mediating actin polymerization.
CoroWare's education VASP partners offer distance learning or virtual field trip videoconferencing services to primary and secondary schools across North America, whereas CoroWare's telemedicine VASP partners offer a range of videoconferencing and collaboration services to hospital and healthcare management facilities.
The reduced platelet antiaggregatory activity exerted by both cyclic nucleotides (11) does not necessarily lead to impaired activation of cyclic nucleotide /specific kinase/ VASP pathways.
The number of people aboard VASP Flight 895 was unknown.
Unlabeled and fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-labeled VASP-16C2 antibodies directed against Ser-239-phosphorylated VASP were obtained from Nanotools, and IE273 anti-VASP, which recognizes VASP irrespective of its phosphorylation status, was from Immunoglobe.
True, that partner was not Ecuadoran, but neither was LanChile nor Ecuatoriana's previous partner, Wagner Canhedo, the head of Brazil's VASP.
VASP, video CMS and ad network revenues combined are forecast to increase by 41% in 2009 and 38% in 2010, according to this far-reaching online video services and analytics report.
172 km streams, review of 36 regulations, hospitalization data from the hydraulic program VASP, hydraulic calculations and delivery of the proposed revised regulations.
The report aggregates and separates media spend delivered though video platforms, VASP applications, direct sales teams, rep firms, ad serving engines, distributed or viral campaign management, search, discovery, curation, video indexers, and super syndicators.