VASSTVideo, Audio, Software, Support and Training
VASSTVictorian Association of Social Studies Teachers (Australia)
VASSTVirginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team (University of Virginia)
VASSTVideo, Audio, Surround, and Streaming Training (est. 1997)
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The result is a large pool of online storage with the performance and capacity needed to meet the needs of the entire VASST effort, but at a fraction of the cost of Fibre Channel disk.
Additional confirmed speakers for the event include Hollywood producer, writer, director and actor Dean Devlin (Stargate, Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot); Norman Kent, one of the world's foremost aerial photographers; as well as VASST Managing Producer and Vegas Pro expert and evangelist Douglas Spotted Eagle.
VASST, a leading developer of professional-quality training and software products, will work with Sony Media Software to oversee the training and manage the registration process.
The VASST laboratory at Robarts is working to advance a broad range of medical procedures in such areas as neurosurgery, prostate cancer therapy, breast cancer biopsy, and cardiac intervention and surgery.
The VASST lab designs and implements the complex algorithms required for real-time 3D modeling of human organs -- from the beating human heart to the functioning brain -- for use in image-guided surgery and therapy procedures.
The VASST laboratory selected SGI Altix over commodity clusters and all other systems because of the Altix platform's support for Intel Itanium 2 processors and compilers, its 64-bit Linux(R) operating environment, and its global shared-memory architecture.