VAVEAverage Voltage
VAVEValue Analysis Value Engineering
VAVEValue-Added Value Engineering
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With respect to the problem of VAVE controller as a bottleneck, ident++ [16] protocol can be used to reduce the load of controller, which would allocate tasks such as security authentication and policy updates to forwarding devices and hosts.
Another example of VAVE involved a fixture designed for a customer that included substituting a snap-on extruded plastic molding in place of T-molding.
Hamilton looks for a solutions using a concept called VAVE or Value Analysis, Value Engineering.
VAVE opens the door to greater communications between the OEM's product design and manufacturing engineering teams and the contractor's engineering and manufacturing teams.
A VAVE workshop at EPIC Technologies yielded over $225,000 in savings for one 20-year-old design.
The VAVE session drove a brainstorming effort that looked across multiple disciplines for possible cost-reduction opportunities.
Working with the customer, a program is selected for VAVE analysis.
The VAVE team examines the sourcing for pipeline, market and lifecycle risk.
The goal of each VAVE project is to develop cost reductions, improve quality, minimize risk, and develop an ongoing basket of improvement opportunities.